Leading a world’s first expedition, Melinda Watson set off in 2016 to explore the length of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town, to shine a global Spotlight on the scale and peril of plastic pollution.

The key purpose of this pioneering journey was to track the world’s plastic footprint in some of the most extraordinary and remote landscapes in order to raise awareness about the true extent of ‘transboundary’ plastic pollution and inspire action worldwide.

What types and quantities of plastic waste were there? Where did they originate? What were the impacts? What is being done about it and what are the solutions?

Over 17,000 kms, bush-camping all the way and recording rubbish every 100kms, Melinda dived into dangerous rubbish dumps, located landfill sites, surveyed source to sea debris, opened government official doors, met waste ministers, reviewed reuse and recycling initiatives, carried out beach cleans, probed into pristine environments, tapped into tribal wisdom, collaborated and created lasting links.

Passionate about the need for urgent, effective and suitably radical responses to our plastic challenge, Melinda’s adventure-with-purpose story combines an engaging message and a strong call to action.

Find out more and see the amazing photogallery on the RAW Foundation website HERE.