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If you’re looking for wholesale personalised water bottles, we’ve done the hard work for you. With over 10 years of research and campaigning in the field of plastic pollution, we can confidently present to you the finest reusable water bottle available in every way – quality, beauty, environmental impact, supply chain, usability, durability, hygiene and price.

We’re on a mission to free the world from pointless plastic. The best way we can think of achieving this is to offer you the best sustainable water bottles at the best price, and use the funds to support our sister charity, RAW Foundation, to campaign and educate to change behaviour.

Bottle specification

500ml Bottle:

100% High quality 18/8 (Food Grade) Stainless Steel
Height: 203mm (with top)
Width: 70mm
Weight: 185 grams
Circumference: 229mm
Print area: 120mm (h) x 57mm (w)*

750ml Bottle:

100% High quality 18/8 (Food Grade) Stainless Steel
Height: 250mm (with top)
Width: 70mm
Weight: 215 grams
Circumference: 229mm
Print area: 160mm (h) x 57mm (w)*

* Design is restricted to printing a single image round 90 degrees of the bottle to avoid any distortion

Client bottles

Here are just a few of the stunning bottles we have produced for our clients’ individual needs.

Ordering Options

There are two ways to order bottles from us:

Bulk Purchase

The simple option for organisations that know how many branded water bottles they need:

  1. Order any amount of personalised water bottles between 100 – 100,000 units
  2. Choose laser-etched or printed and the bottle top type you prefer
  3. Submit your branding and receive a sample mock-up
  4. Confirm the order with a deposit
  5. We send your RAW Bottles to one UK address



We know that many small organisations, festivals and charities don’t always have the funds to commit to a bulk order up-front, or cannot be sure about how many branded water bottles they need. So we have created the RAW on-demand option:

  1. Sign up with RAW to access guaranteed stock
  2. Create a mock-up bottle
  3. Put your bottles on sale until a specific date
  4. When sales close, order the amount you need
  5. We send your RAW Bottles to one UK address

Why Stainless steel?

We only supply stainless steel reusable water bottles because they are the safest, healthiest and most sustainable option.

Safe and healthy

Research raises concerns that even BPA-free plastic water bottles release hazardous compounds after undergoing wear and tear, such as through dishwashing, microwaving or exposure to sunlight. In most cases, aluminium water bottles dent easily and contain BPA lining, and even BPA-free aluminium water bottles release hazardous compounds.

Stainless steel does not leach, stain or react with the contents put into it. It is durable, reusable, light, easy to carry and virtually indestructible.

Feature of our stainless steel RAW Bottle include:

  • No Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Made of 100% 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Available in brushed finish with stainless steel threads
  • Dishwasher safe


Confidence in the supply chain

Our manufacturer is based in mainland China. Bottles are shipped into our UK warehouse by sea freight. We have searched all over the world for the highest quality bottle manufacturers and we ensure that our manufacturers continually maintain high standards of quality in production and ensure safe and compliant working conditions.

The manufacturer works to BS EN ISO9000 quality standards and with regular material conformance tests through external accredited bodies. Our manufacturer maintains BSCI approval which is the control of environmental compliance, working conditions and social compliance and we ensure they maintain high levels of social and ethical responsibility.

We have a small team of dedicated quality personnel based in China who manage our procurement and quality inspections at source and we carry out further inspection and sampling on products in our UK warehouse and record quality performance of all of our products through a closed-loop corrective action system.

Why import from China?

We have tried to source products in the UK or Europe but haven’t been able to find a fit-for-purpose (high quality) supplier.

The raw materials for stainless steel mostly come from China anyway. They have the latest high-tech equipment and tools for the job, and can supply at competitive rates. The bottles are printed or laser-etched in the UK and we aspire to work with a UK manufacturer as soon as this option is available.

Etch or Print?

We recommend the laser-etched bottles for two main reasons. Firstly, from a durability perspective, there is no chance that the logo will chip or wear off over time. Secondly, the production process for etching is far cleaner and has less environmental impact. The colour-printing process requires solvent-based inks to adhere to the bottle, using toxins that can be avoided in etching.

We understand that many brands wish to standout, and the most important concern is replacing single-use with re-use. So, if you choose to print, then you’re still joining our mission to free the world from pointless plastic.

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