RAW exists to do one simple thing – help create a world free from pointless plastic and pollution – one stainless steel bottle at a time. We strive for clean oceans and thriving ecosystems to support future generations of abundant life to come.

We share a deep belief that a better world is possible and intend to help make it happen while having a lot of fun along the way.

Every bottle sold not only tackles single-use plastic, but makes your brand stand out from the crowd and helps to fund RAW Foundation’s campaign work globally on this critical issue.

Our Story

RAW Ltd trading as RAW Bottles is the sister organisation to RAW Foundation, a UK Sustainable Development Charity committed to raising awareness and campaigning against pointless plastic. We’ve been doing this work for over a decade.

RAW is co-founded by inspirational campaigner Melinda Watson, founder of sister organisation RAW Foundation, the folks behind Shambala Festival, Europe’s leading environmental festival, and Ed Gillespie, founder of global sustainability consultancy and creative change agency Futerra.

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