Why choose RAW?

At RAW, we’re on a mission to free the world from pointless plastic – one reusable bottle at a time. We provide the highest quality wholesale stainless steel water bottles to companies, festivals, events and organisations that want to make a difference.

Why our customers choose RAW promotional water bottles

Customers including Glastonbury Festival, city councils, universities, sports clubs, Refill, City to Sea, Triodos and Terracycle choose our custom printed water bottles for their award-winning sustainability credentials and transparent supply chain.

And, they feel great about the fact that profits from our bulk buy reusable water bottles help to fund RAW Foundation’s global campaigning work for a pointless plastic free world.

How we create your branded eco water bottles

We work closely with each individual customer to create the exact custom bottles they’re looking for. Your logo can be etched or printed onto your wholesale water bottles, to showcase your brand and your commitment to reducing single-use plastic.

When ordering your bulk water bottles you can choose between two size options – 500ml and 750ml – and select a stainless steel lid with loop handle or a sports lid.

We’d love to chat about which options works best for you – drop us a line now so we can talk you through your options!

What makes our sustainable water bottles different?

We’ve developed the best stainless steel sustainable bottles over a number of years. We’re confident that, when you purchase our customized water bottles in bulk, you’re getting the greenest bottle option. Here’s why…

  • RAW Bottles don’t leach, stain or react with the contents put into them.
  • Our branded metal water bottles are durable, reusable, light and virtually indestructible.
  • Just one RAW Bottle typically prevents 167 single-use plastic bottles being used every year.
  • Profits from our sales help to fund our sister charity RAW Foundation’s global campaign work.
  • RAW Bottles won the Green Supplier & Innovation Award at the Showman’s Show and they were shortlisted in the Green Supplier Award at the Festival Supplier Awards 2019 and for best product at the P.E.A. Awards 2019.
  • And, we’re really proud that RAW Bottles have helped to rid the world of over 6.4 million single-use plastic bottles to date – and counting!

By choosing our wholesale reusable water bottles and joining the RAW family, together we can make a significant impact on the 10bn bottles currently going to landfill each year.

Wholesale metal water bottles at the right price

We know that many organisations and events work to tight budgets, and we’re proud of the competitive prices we offer customers looking for eco-friendly water bottles.

Use our quick quote tool today and get an idea of the cost of producing your unique water bottles in bulk now – it’s instant and free to use!

We also know that many smaller organisations and festivals don’t always have the funds to buy up-front, so we’ve developed a buy on-demand model.

Put simply, we can create a mock-up design of your promotional drink bottles for you to sell on your website. We’ll agree a notice period to close the sales, and when the sales close you order the amount you need, and we send them directly to you.

Get in touch for a chat or fill out the contact form below if you’d like to find out more about this option.

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What our customers say about us

  • “ Great service from start to finish. RAW supply a quality bottle that differentiates itself from others in the market. They are cost effective too! We cherish our bottles and use them on a daily basis. We also have seen our some of our exhibitors use the bottles post event, which is great news. ”

    Johnny Lance, Showman’s Show

  • “ As a small festival it’s hard to commit capital to buy a significant amount of reusable bottles in advance. Buying RAW Bottles on-demand is perfect for us as we can put the bottles on sale along with tickets, gauge interest ahead of the festival and order the amount of bottles actually sold to either send out or pick up at the event. ”

    Joe Buirski, Fire in the Mountain Festival

  • “ RAW Foundation’s stainless steel water bottles were a big hit with our festival audience and an essential order after our ban on the sale of single-use plastics. Clean, sleek, robust and above all, environmentally friendly! Great service too. ”

    Jack Keery, Deer Shed Festival

  • “ RAW pulled out all the stops to get us stock quickly. They literally flew out of the stall at the London event. ”

    James Co‑ey, Arcadia Spectacular

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