RAW in South America

Exploring South America’s plastic footprint with RAW Foundation

RAW founder Melinda Watson is preparing to embark on an epic, five-month expedition from Salvador to Lima and into the Amazon. Her journey will take in South America’s, lakes, wetlands and rivers; some of the most important ecosystem providers on the planet.

I have organised this expedition to deliver one central message,” says Melinda. “The proliferation of single-use plastics has to STOP. It is contaminating precious water systems, threatening marine life, passing up the food chain, affecting human health, impacting wildlife and encouraging a throwaway consumer culture across the world.”

A spotlight on the plastic problem in South America

Leading a world-first expedition, RAW will set out to track the plastic footprint around South America – clockwise from Salvador, Brazil to Lima, Peru – and through the Amazon from Iquitos to Belem.

The idea is to shine a spotlight on the sheer scale of the problem, the transboundary nature of plastic pollution and the worst offenders through:

  • Statistical sampling of plastic waste including microparticles and microfibres
  • River, lake and beach shoreline to water transects
  • Photographic and aerial surveys
  • Interviews and personal testimony
  • Videos and photography

The purpose of the expedition

The expedition will collect data about the distribution of plastic pollution along its route. This data will form the basis of a pollution map, highlighting hotspots and migration routes of plastic into the oceans.

The collection of this data will allow us to:

  • Build on valuable ‘Raw in Africa’ research collected from Raw Foundation’s Cairo to Cape Town expedition in 2016
  • Review the effectiveness of legislation, policies and waste facilities and compare approaches from different countries
  • Develop effective solutions and identify areas for policy-based and consumer-driven change

Help us share the story

Raw in South AmericaIf you’re sick of disposable plastic, please become a part of this.

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“I’m passionate about the need for urgent, effective and radical responses to our apocalyptic plastic challenge. We can do something and we must. There is no time to waste,” says Melinda.